I’d like to know where I can study up on the secrets of the universe?


Where can one study the secrets of the universe?

So first of all – I recommend this place here. I recommend that you keep coming to our lectures.

Only, just like if you’d like to learn how to be a shoe repairman and let’s say we gave courses on shoe repair here, you can’t expect to come once and go out and be able to practice that profession. To become a shoe repairman, you have to be an apprentice for some time.  You have to learn the trade. And the secrets of the universe certainly require a lot of learning, more than a shoe repair course. 

Now, I don’t claim that I know the secrets of the universe.  All I can do is retail to you things that are written in the seforim – it doesn’t mean I understand all of them.  But anyhow, if you’ll keep on coming here for the next fifty years, it’s a good preparation.

But the secrets of the universe is a very big order.  I’m glad to see you’re an ambitious young man.  It’s excellent to hear such desire from somebody.  So keep on coming and I’ll steer you towards seforim and other sources; maybe you’ll find better teachers in the course of time and and eventually you’ll climb that great ladder of success

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