Rav Avigdor Miller on the Sensitive Convert

The Rav said tonight that for a גר צדק, a convert, to succeed at being a servant of Hashem, he must disentangle himself completely from his former family and lifestyle. But how can you really expect that from a convert, if even Chazal tell us that a convert and his descendants are naturally sensitive to remarks about their previous lifestyle and family ties for as much as ten generations (Sanhedrin 94a)?

Look, if a גר  has a sensitivity, if he has feelings for his former life, his former family, up till a certain amount of generations, that doesn’t mean we are going to praise him for that. No, not all. Look, it’s a natural thing. But it’s nothing to be proud of. The truth is, the less sensitivity that he has for them, the better off he is.

That’s going to be one aspect in the service of Hashem that the גר   will have to make progress. Separation from his life as a gentile, is of utmost importance. That’s actually a criterion for the genuineness of his גרות. If a גר is sharply sensitive about remarks, then he’s still far away from us. Joining the Jewish People means distancing yourself from your gentile family and gentile lifestyle. There’s no way around that. It can’t be any other way.

TAPE # E-199