Is there anything wrong with me listening to the radio?


You must know that the radio, even if it’s just the news, it’s all adulterated with the opinions of the people writing the news scripts, and the people announcing the news. And most often these people are low people. People, who if you saw them, you wouldn’t think of talking with them. People whose minds are full of the sewage of the outside world.

Now, I’m not going to tell you not to listen to the news; I’m not going to tell you that as a p’sak halacha, but you should know that what goes into your ears will never come out again. That’s all. And what goes into your eyes will never come out again. Once you let it into your head, it remains in your head forever and ever. It becomes part of you forever.

And chas v’shalom, those who have a TV in their house, and they sit and look at TV, they should know that they are ruining their neshomos, no question about it. It’s like taking a goy into your house, a bum, and letting him talk to you for an hour, and you sit there like a dumbell listening to him. So this bum is filling your mind with garbage, and you’ll never get that garbage out again. The Kuzari says that. He says that you’ll never get it out of your head. Not in this world and not in the next world.

So, I’m not going to give you any p’sak, but you must know that it is of utmost importance to realize what you are doing to yourself by listening to the bums on the radio. You’re opening your neshama, your mind, to all the sewage that fills their minds.

TAPE # 918 (June 1993)

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