What is the reason for Hashem making it that the nations of the world have created nuclear weapons and now there’s a danger of nuclear war?


What explanation can be offered for the advent of nuclear weapons?

And the answer is Hakodosh Boruch Hu wants to let us know we don’t have Him stymied.  Although He already committed to a promise He won’t bring a mabul, a flood of water, but the gemara says He could chas veshalom bring a flood of fire.  

Now we might forget that.  We might think it’s only a bluff.  And therefore He gives us a little intimation.  

So we’ll hope that these nuclear weapons will always be used only to threaten each other so the nations will be afraid to go into war, and let’s hope it remains that way.  

But in the meantime we learn that lesson that they’re around. They’re around! Which means we have to be better.  We have to learn more Torah and practice more Torah and remember Hakodosh Boruch Hu.

And among all the good things we have to enjoy in this world is the fact that we don’t have the nuclear age being practiced right now.  It’s not being practiced.  It’s only in laboratories.  It’s only in army stations.  It’s not being practiced.  And we’ll enjoy life as long as we’re able to enjoy it.  Who knows if our children will be able to be as happy as we are, because once they start pressing the wrong buttons, it will be a different kind of world.  So right now let’s enjoy it and be happy.

TAPE # 127

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