Is there any problem with frum Jews in ארץ ישראל going into the army?


And the answer is that if the frum Jews would all go into the army, there wouldn’t be any frum Jews left in ארץ ישראל. And that’s because the army is meant for the purpose of intentionally ruining the character of the Jewish youth. Now pay attention to me because they say it themselves. They say that they have girls in the army for that purpose – in order to break down the restrictions against immoral behavior.

They say as follows – and these are their own words: “The Jewish eroticism is a special kind of eroticism.” Meaning, the Jewish זנות is a special type of זנות. Now, until the Zionist רשעים enlightened us, who ever even heard of such a thing – Jewish זנות?!

And therefore they say, they themselves say, that the Israeli army is specifically set up for the intent purpose of breaking down the morality of the עם ישראל. And so, it’s almost impossible for a person to remain decent in the army. Now, of course, some are עומד בניסיון, some withstand the test, but it’s extremely difficult. There cannot be a frum population if the boys go to the army. It’s out of the question.

And so we say, ה׳ ירחם. Hashem should be מפיר עצת רשעים. Hashem should protect us so that the רשעים shouldn’t be able to do anything against the frum boys. חס ושלום, it might be necessary for all the frum Jews to leave ארץ ישראל. And if they have to, so it will be. But that the boys should go into the army?! חס ושלום! It would be impossible for us to exist. And the רשעים know that. They want to take our boys into the army and they want to do whatever they want with them in order to turn out new products – Israelis. They want to make us into Israelis. And we don’t want to become Israelis. We want to be frum Jews who remain loyal to the תורה and to הקדוש ברוך הוא.

TAPE # E-189

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