How can we stop people from talking during chazaras hashatz and kriyas haTorah?


And the answer is that you have to read to them what is written in the Tur and the Shulchan Aruch. It says kol hasach sicha beteila b’soch chazaras hashatz, anybody who talks unnecessary talk – now unnecessary talk means, if it’s something that’s dangerous, so you have to tell someone watch out. Otherwise, you don’t talk. And if you do talk then, harei zeh chotei, he’s a sinner, v’goarin bo, and you have to scold him. All around that’s how it should be; if you see somebody talking everybody should start shouting “Sha! Sha! Sha!” All around.

V’gadol avono m’niso, his sin is too big to forgive. That’s a terrible thing to say. His sin is too big to forgive because it’s a sin of chillul Hashem.

If everybody is standing or sitting in shul and the shatz, the leader, is speaking for them to Hakadosh Baruch Hu, and this nincompoop, this empty head, this letz, turns to his neighbor to exchange idle conversation, it means that he is negating everything that goes on. Nothing is worth anything in comparison to his little unimportant desires.  And so it’s chillul Hashem; he’s profaning the glory of Hashem. Gadol avono m’niso! That sin can never be forgiven. Even if you want to do teshuva you cannot repent from chillul Hashem.

And you have to say it over and over in the ears of the people. Now don’t say “Don’t be melamed chova on the Am Yisrael“, because the Shulchan Aruch says that, the Tur says that. So what you’re saying is “Don’t teach Tur to the people.” People must be told! You have to throw it in their teeth again and again, until finally some people will listen.
TAPE #371 (May 1981)

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