Rav Avigdor Miller on The World Is Made for Us

Being that we are the ikar of Creation – the whole bri’yah is made for Klal Yisroel – why is it that in Aleinu we pray that, “Yakiru vi’yeid’u kol yoshvei teivel”? Who cares if the goyim recognize Hashem or not?

And the answer is that when the time comes, “Hashem malach, ta’geil ha’aretz.” “Tageil ha’aretz!” Not only the goyim but even the trees and the gardens will all begin to sing to Hashem. “Ya’aloz sa’dai v’chol asher bo.” Now, what does that mean?

When the time comes and Hashem becomes the melech openly, then everything in the world will begin to operate on a more wonderful scale. The trees are made for the purpose of demonstrating the chochmas Hashem and the chesed Hashem. That’s what they’re there for. And that will be made even clearer when that time comes. And even today, if you know how to study the subject, you can see clearly how the trees are talking. “Li’ho’di’ah l’vnei ha’adam gevurosov u’chvod hadar malchuso.” It’s all for the purpose of of Li’ho’di’ah – to make known to people.

“Yo’ducha Hashem kol ma’asecha.” Everything that Hashem made in this world was made for the purpose of praising Hashem and to make Him recognized by the world. And therefore, in the future, if even the trees are going to speak up and show, by way of their wonderful fruits and plants, that Hashem is now the king of the world, then why should a goy be worse than a tree?! Certainly the goyim will speak up too. But not because the world was made for the goyim. No, no! The world is made for us! But if the goyim will be zoicheh to be around at that time, then Hashem will give them the opportunity to take part in proclaiming Hashem as the king. Just like the trees. And they’ll get a certain zchus. Certainly. To take part in revealing to the world the truth that Hashem is Echad is so important. It’ll be a zchus for those goyim who survive and do their part in “yakiru vi’yeid’u kol yoshvei teivel.” But they won’t be on the same madreigah as the Am Yisroel. Chas ve’shalom. But still, ein Hakodosh Boruch Hu mi’kapei’ach s’char kol briyah. Anybody who does good things will get rewarded. And if the goyim will be around then, and if “yakiru vi’yeid’u” – if they’ll sing to Hakodosh Boruch Hu at that time, then they’ll get a certain reward for doing their part.

TAPE #E-225