Rav Avigdor Miller on Tikun Chatzos – The Abridged Version

Should I be saying Tikun Chatzos during the Nine Days?

Tikun Chatzos is a good thing, but don’t just daven it up. I would say that it’s a good idea to just sit down on the floor before you go to sleep – even for a minute. Do it after your wife falls asleep – or after your husband falls asleep – so that they won’t think you’ve gone crazy. But sit on the floor in Aveilus for the Churban Beis Ha’mikdash, mourning for the destruction, for a full minute and then go to sleep.

A minute is also good enough. Don’t think it’s a small thing. When I was a boy I used to say Tikun Chatzos. But now – even better – sit on the floor for a moment and think about what we’re missing. A minute for the Churban Beis Ha’mikdash and then go to sleep. This is a very good eitzah you’re hearing now – a very important eitzah.

TAPE # E-239