How do I answer my cousin who says she went to an Ivy League college and wasn’t affected?  She says she’s not sorry she went because it had no effect on her.


There was a man who ridiculed the speed laws; he was always speeding in his car and he was warned that he’ll be sorry someday.  And now he’s in the morgue. He ended up against a lamppost and now he’s dead.  

Now this man is not sorry for speeding.  He can’t be sorry because he’s dead. Now, if he wouldn’t die, if he’d just be crippled, then he would be sorry; but when he’s dead he can’t be sorry.

That girl who went to college is not sorry because she’s dead.  She lost her mind.  She became educated which is equivalent to having an operation – your brain is removed from you.  Now, it could be your cousin never had any brain in the first place.  That’s also possible.  Whatever she had however was replaced by an artificial set of ideas. And today it’s a dangerous set of ideas what they teach in college today. Marxism and humanism.  They teach them to be blind to the wonders of nature.  When you learn biology, it’s especially planned that you should not see the plan and purpose.

And therefore if your cousin tells you she went to college and wasn’t affected, you can tell her it’s because she’s already in the morgue.

TAPE # 482 (December 1983)

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