How do we celebrate chamisha asar b’Av?


We celebrate it, first of all, by saying ברוך אתה השם המעריב ערבים – Thank You Hashem for the night. How wonderful it is to have nighttime! Nighttime is a very great blessing; you have to study the nighttime. It’s not just lack of the day. No! בחכמה פותח שערים ובתבונה משנה עתים — Nighttime is made with wisdom. So start studying the wonders of nighttime.

And tomorrow morning say, ברוך אתה השם יוצר המאורות. Thank Hashem for the sun. And at breakfast, say בחן בחסד וברחמים – He gives us food with flavors and with colors and aromas. Food is delectable! So thank Him for the food you ate. And so on and so on during the rest of the day. And that’s a good way to celebrate חמישה עשר באב and ששה עשר באב and שבעה עשר באב! Every day in Av and every day in Elul too.

TAPE # 835 (August 1991)

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