How far must a yeshivah administrator go in investigating the financial status of a prospective pupil’s family?


Now this is a question that I’m not capable of answering.  But this I have to say, I don’t envy him for his job. Because believe me, almost none of the parents pay what they should — including me.  I was lucky.  I didn’t have to pay for my children because I was in the yeshiva all my life. But there’s no question that the people who are running yeshivos are up against it and it’s the duty of parents to pay because there’s nothing more important that they can buy with their money.

Now, how much should he put the screws on you?  He has to use all the finesse that he can.  Now some are not trained; some people are pushed into a job for which they’re not suited.  Because he needs tact.  He has to be a polite and careful man. But if he isn’t you have no right to attack him or criticize the yeshiva. Because he is collecting a tax which you are obligated to pay.  The fact that the tax collector doesn’t wear silk gloves when he comes to tax your property, one thing has nothing to do with the other. You’re still obligated.  Of course if possible the yeshiva should hire a diplomatic man because that makes good will for the yeshiva; that gains good friends. But in case he’s not diplomatic, don’t hold it against the yeshiva. 

TAPE # 13

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