What should a married woman do with no TV in the house all day long?


What did my mother, ole’ha hasholom, do all day long? TV is an acquired addiction. You can also say what should a person do if he cannot take cocaine every day? People take cocaine every day too; what can they do? It’s a legitimate question. The answer is, do without it! TV is cocaine.

There are so many good things to do if you’re healthy. Boruch Hashem you don’t have to go for treatments; you don’t have to go for dialysis, you could live a normal life. There are so many things to do, what is the question, what to do? When you go shopping for your family, isn’t it happiness? You have money in your purse, you have places where you can buy the things you need. You don’t have to stand in line like in Russia, all day long, and you don’t have to take whatever they want to give you; you can shop wherever you want. There are so many kosher foods today! If you like to eat, there are so many good things to eat today that are glatt kosher.

And then, the good hobbies. What’s wrong with making dresses for your grandchildren? And for yourself. Many women save a lot of money making beautiful dresses, making things for the children. A lot of other things to do. There’s no lack of things to do. You can make cakes and send them to parties for yeshivos; a lot of yeshiva boys will appreciate your chocolate cakes. There’s no end of good things to do. There are women who hang wallpaper in their own homes, and do painting jobs to beautify their homes. If worse comes to worse, take up gardening in the back of your house. There are all kinds of good things to do. If you want, you can read good seforim today, and you can listen to tapes. And therefore there’s no reason why a woman has to occupy herself with television. 
TAPE # 512 (June 1984)

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