Why are so many people losing their jobs lately and what could we do about it?


Now that’s a question you’ll have to ask somebody bigger than myself. But I’ll make an attempt anyhow. Everything is the result of the deeds of Hashem. There is no question that Hakodosh Boruch Hu is showing a certain displeasure – a displeasure with America. There was a time not so long ago when boys and girls went to separate schools in America because it was self understood that adolescents cannot mix without the most harmful results. In those days pornography was considered a serious crime in every state of the Union.

I remember not long ago when public speakers invoked the name of G-d and everyone subscribed to the doctrine that the world was created by a Creator. Speakers – I’m talking about gentile speakers, politicians – mentioned the hereafter and the multitudes of people believed that this world was but a preface to another existence.

A tremendous breakdown in morality unquestionably has called down the wrath of Hashem. The crash of 1929 was but the first summons to repentance. Hakodosh Boruch Hu gives America one opportunity, and then another opportunity, but too many opportunities will not be available. Nations, one after the other, sink into to the earth and are forgotten. משגיא לגוים ויאבדם – He makes the nations great and then He destroys them (Iyov 12:23). And therefore, although we may find materialistic reasons for depressions, nevertheless let us not overlook one of the yesodos ha’emunah, that there is schar v’onesh, reward and punishment on a national scale just like there is on an individual scale.

Now, what can we do it? We can do many things about it but the very first thing is that among ourselves we shouldn’t bring in the tumah of the outside world into our homes. The television should be abolished from every Jewish home! And some people are so eager to bring the filth into their homes that are not satisfied with the TV; they put a big chamber pot over the house to make sure they catch all the filth that they can. Such a house is very far away from the Jewish concept of a home! It’s a beis ha’kisei! That’s a nice word by the way; I apologize to the beis ha’kisei for the comparison! And so we’ve come a long way in America – like the cigarette ads say, “You’ve come a long way” – but just not in the right direction.
TAPE # 867 (March 1992)

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