My husband loves to learn but I want him to take a vacation. But he tells me that his vacation is to be able to sit and learn. What should I do?


You should believe him. When a person is wasting his time making a living and his heart hurts him that he’s not able to learn at that time, and now he has a vacation, so let him sit and learn. Why do you have to travel around – to go to the mountains and to get tired and worn out? And you’ll be uncomfortable there too. At home he has his beis hamedrash and his seforim; he has all his conveniences at home. 

He wants to sit and learn so let him enjoy his life and sit and learn. Some people – I one time had a man in my shul, a wealthy man, so he went for a vacation to the mountains. And in the mountains he decided he needs a vacation from the mountains so he went to Switzerland. These people are never at rest. They think traveling is a good time. Traveling is nothing but discomfort. If you’re home then, ashrei yoshvei veisecha, you’re happier at home than anyplace else.

Today wherever you go in the mountains there are ticks in the fields and in the grass. Tick disease; many people are suffering from that today. And accidents happen chalilah every summer; things that wouldn’t have happened in the city. Every summer tragedies happen in the country to children and to people; things that wouldn’t happen in the city. 

So we say, ashrei yoshvei vei’secha – you’re lucky if you stay home. Now, I know you won’t listen to me, but I’m saying it anyhow. 
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