Are new strains of flu virus considered a new creation? Is it a form of evolution?


Oy Ribono Shel Olam! How people are looking for ways and means to fall into error!

Look; there are certain foxes that when you run after them with dogs they have learned certain tricks to elude the dogs. They can go back in the same tracks to escape. Or they know how to cross rivers where there are no footsteps to smell. But suppose you go into a virgin territory where the fox never was hunted. At the beginning you’ll catch fox because they don’t know. They’re not experienced yet. Hakodosh Boruch Hu has given animals a certain wisdom where they can learn – they become conditioned. 

You have to know Hakodosh Boruch Hu put wisdom even into viruses and bacteria and they learn after a while how to react. Just like the fox. And just like a person. A person had an illness. He becomes immunized to some extent against that illness. It’s a reaction that the Borei put into him to protect him. But just as He protects you, He protects the viruses and bacteria too and the germs react in certain ways to protect themselves. So now you need different antibiotics; not the same old ones. The same old ones won’t help. 

And therefore it’s not a matter of new strains, new creations. They’re being conditioned to new conditions according to the original creation of Hakodosh Boruch Hu. And therefore it has nothing to do with this idea of new types of creations developing.

TAPE # 588

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