Rav Avigdor Miller on Voting for Liberals 

Who should we vote for for President?

We should vote for the one who appears to us to be the most conservative. Now, I can’t tell you who that is. But there’s no question that the conservatives of today are extremely more liberal than the liberals of thirty years ago. We have already advanced so far beyond the borders of liberalism, that today we can afford to retreat many miles behind these boundries and still remain in the forefront of liberalism. And therefore, today there’s no such thing as too much conservatism. You have to vote for conservative candidates on every level – on national, state and city levels.

That’s my opinion. By the way, nobody here has to agree with me – on anything. Only, I don’t have to agree with you either.
TAPE # 133 (July 1976)

Are the liberals right for pushing for a freeze on nuclear weapons in order to make way for a safer world? 

And the answer is, let’s ask Soviet Russia. Are they making a nuclear freeze?! The answer is that they’re not even dreaming of any freeze. They’re going full speed ahead. They’re taking away butter from their people, even bread they’re taking away, and they’re funneling the money towards more nuclear research. It’s only in America where the wild-eyed liberals and radicals have gained control and are trying to hamstring the country into stopping the building up of our nuclear capabilities and our defenses. It’s suicide. The stronger the American capabilities are, the more Russia will be deterred from attempting anything. Otherwise, the Russians will encroach more and more.

It’s most important, especially for Jews, to fight for a strong America. Jews have no chance under a Communist regime. For us, Communism is a bleak desert. We can only exist in a free country. And therefore, it’s most important for us to fight the liberals; not to vote for liberal democrats or any kind of liberals. Only for those who want a strong America.
TAPE # 436 (November 1982)