Should a yeshiva bachur register to vote?


Should a yeshiva man register to vote?

It depends.  If he knows how to vote, he should.  If he doesn’t, he shouldn’t.  

Now sometimes it’s a question between this crook and that crook and so it’s a waste of time.  But if you have a special intention by voting then by all means, because we should put our weight in the right direction.  

Today, it’s important if possible to throw our weight against the liberals.  Whatever you can do against liberals.  It’s a great tragedy that the Jews are not apprised of the danger.  The liberals are endangering our safety.  Jewish liberals are undermining the country.  

And whatever you can do to vote against a man who is against capital punishment, do it. If a man is against capital punishment, vote against him!  If a man is for homosexuals, vote against him! If a man is for E.R.A., vote against him! Vote only for those who want to uphold the standards that the country lived by until now.  Vote for those who want to make America strong.  Armaments! Not disarmaments.  

Vote against those who want to spend more money for welfare. It’s a very wicked thing President Carter did; he made a national cabinet for education and he put a woman at the head of it.  Up until now, anybody who wanted to contaminate the education system did so through state and city channels.  Now it’s going to be done on a national scale.  Carter is a liberal and he started something new.  It’ll cost a pile of money; millions; billions it will cost and all those billions will go towards corrupting America.  

Whatever we can do to unseat the liberals, by all means.

TAPE # 289 (October 1979)

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