Is having a Jewish army in the State of Israel before Moshiach comes, considered a meridah bi’umos, a rebellion against the nations of the world (Kesuvos 111a)? 


Whatever it is, it’s like I said many times before. Suppose a dog is chasing you. A mad dog is running after you. And along comes an apikoris holding a club and he gives the dog a blow with his club and drives it away. Do you want this apikoris to drop dead? This apikoris is running after the dog with his club and is trying to save you from this dangerous dog. Do you want the apikoris to drop dead or not? He’s saving you from the dog! At least let him live until he finishes the job of saving you from the wild dog.

So therefore, as long as the army is fighting to protect the Jews in the yishuv ha’yashan, okay. The Jews need protection against the Arabs. If the Arabs would come in – chas ve’shalom, chas ve’shalom. 

Now it could very well be that they are to blame. It could very well be that the Zionists are to blame for creating the atmosphere of hostility against the frum Jews. Yes, yes; but right now that’s the story. The army is a protection. Of course, Hakodosh Boruch Hu could protect us in other ways too, but we have to look at the natural things. And naturally, an army is a protection. So we want the army to be successful. Whether the army is kosher or not kosher is something else. When the apikoris is coming to rescue you from the mad dog, what could you do?! The apikoris should succeed at that. That’s all. It’s not a matter of appreciating his kashrus or his tzidkus.
TAPE # E-257 (January 2001)

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