What is the purpose of a gartel?


An interesting question. A gartel, that’s the belt that some put around their waists when they’re praying. And the purpose is to show decorum.  Like people who approach a king, they used to put on a belt out of modesty and decorum. So some have the custom to put on a gartel when they approach Hakodosh Boruch Hu to pray.

Now, those who don’t wear a gartel follow the idea that it depends on the times.  In those places or in those times where it’s not considered dignity — let’s say if we would take a black necktie and tie it around our waists now to go to speak to a king, it wouldn’t be considered decorum – so we don’t do it.

However, the chassidim who do wear a gartel are saying, “We disregard the styles.  We follow what was considered dignity in the olden days.”

TAPE # 52 (July 1974)

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