Should a yeshivah boy wear nice clothing even during the week?  What about a tie?


Now, this question is in order. A yeshiva man always should be presentable because he has the responsibility of the Torah on his shoulders. He represents the Torah and therefore it’s a heavy responsibility. Like the gemara (Shabbos 114a) says, כל משנאי אהבו מות (Mishlei 8:36), אל תקרי משנאי אלא משניאי. Hashem says, “All those who hate Me, love death.” But our sages add another layer of meaning to this possuk. They say, don’t read it as “those who hate Me,” but “those who make others hate Me.” If you’re known, if you’re recognized as a yeshiva man, if you wear a black hat for instance, then the hat has to be dusted, not dusty.  Otherwise, wear a gray hat.  Certainly people who represent the Torah, people with beards and so on must make a good impression.

What about a tie?  It depends to which group you belong.  Some groups don’t have neckties.

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Is there anything wrong for a man to dress fancy?


It depends what that means, so you have to show me the man before I can pass judgment on him.

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