Rav Avigdor Miller on Well Visits

If a man is completely healthy as far as he knows, but he goes to a doctor for a complete checkup and x-rays, is that a chisaron in his bitachon?

If a person has no cha’shash at all – he has no fear of anything wrong with his health – but he goes for a checkup anyhow, that’s actually a wise thing to do. Only that taking too many x-rays can’t be so good for you. If you can somehow avoid the x-rays, that would be better. But otherwise, checkups are a wise thing to do.

I’m not saying that a person should do it all the time but it’s not a contradiction to bitachon. Anyone who takes precautions and does things to help protect himself against the possibilities of illness, is doing a wise thing. And when you do so, you should have in mind that you are doing it to serve Hashem. You want to remain healthy and live a long life because you want the opportunity to serve Hashem. Your doctor visit is a tefillah to Hakodosh Boruch Hu that he should preserve your health, so it’s definitely a wise thing. Exactly how much you should do it, that I’ll leave to the individual to judge. I cannot tell you.

X-rays however are being overdone. I once went to a dentist. He didn’t do a thing for me! What did he do? A mouthful of x-rays. It was my first day there. A mouthful of x-rays?! On all sides of my head I was being bombarded. Boruch Hashem, nothing happened to me but it’s a big nisayon to have to have to undergo – to put your body through such a thing. So if you can, avoid the x-rays. But if you just want to have a checkup, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

TAPE #E-209