Should a person eat meat every day?


Now, that’s not my line – I’m not in the nutrition business.  But I’ll merely say this: In addition to having a varied diet all kinds of food, not only one kind, in addition to that, everyone should learn not to be a slave to the dinner table.  We eat for the purpose of being healthy. The Rambam says that you should eat what’s good for your health.  He says, lo k’kelev u’kechamor, not like the dog or the donkey who eat only what’s sweet for them.  Animals eat what’s sweet to them but we have to eat what’s good for us. 

And therefore that’s the only recommendation I’m able to give: Eat what’s healthful for you and it will be included in your service of Hashem if you’ll add the thought of why you’re doing it. Like it says in the Shulchan Aruch. The Shulchan Aruch says you should eat with the intention, kedai she’uchal la’avod es Hashem, so that I should have the strength, the energy, to be able to serve Hashem. Always think that.  I would recommend that you should say it too when you start eating. It’s not a bad idea, only that your wife shouldn’t hear it – she’ll laugh at you. Or your husband will laugh at you. But you should say it anyhow, even if they’ll laugh: “I’m going to eat now kedai she’uchal la’avod es Hashem.” That’s what the Shulchan Aruch says.  You’re eating in order to serve Hashem.

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