The Rav said that we should get into the habit of always thinking about עולם הבא. Can the Rav maybe describe what עולם הבא  will be like? How should we try to imagine it in our minds?


Look, we do not really know in what way we are going to enjoy עולם הבא. We can’t know. It’s like a blind man – a man who was born blind – and we try to explain to him how beautiful the red rose is. He doesn’t know what red means. So how could he understand? So, we have no way of knowing. I wasn’t there yet, so I can’t tell you.

But this we do know. We know that there is no pleasure on this earth that can even faintly compare to the happiness of עולם הבא. That at least, I can tell you. And the happiness becomes greater and greater the longer you are there. The longer you are there, the more the happiness increases. That’s an important principle.

And therefore, we have to always know, always remember, that we are in this world only for the purpose of preparing for עולם הבא. Everything you do has to be directed at עולם הבא. Everything!

I know that you’re not going to listen to me, but you have to know that this is your only purpose in this world. It’s something that you have to work on. You’re not going to become an עולם הבא person unless you put effort into becoming an עולם הבא  person. And that means putting all your thoughts into עולם הבא. And you have to start somewhere. So start by thinking about עולם הבא  for a few minutes every day. You want to make something out of yourself, don’t you?!

If you sing to Hashem in this world, then you’ll be able to sing to Him even more in the World to Come. So learn how to sing while you’re here. למה ניגע לריק. So practice up here, in order that you should be able to sing in the World to Come.

                                                             TAPE #E-170

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