There is a Jewish couple living next door to me – they’re not married but they’re living together. How would you advise going about being mikareiv them?


You should ignore them entirely. Unmarried people who are living together are degenerates. There is no such thing as making peace with unmarried people who live together. He is a degenerate and she is a harlot. That’s the only way to view them. Unmarried couples should be untouchables; they are lepers. Have nothing to do with them. Don’t even try to mikareiv them. 

Now, if they would marry, even if only in court, by the city clerk, then you can start talking. So if you want, you can persuade them to go down to the city clerk and get married. And then, once they recognize that there is such thing as a bond of marriage – once they’re willing to be civilized – then you can talk to them. But before they do that, nothing doing. Have nothing to do with them at all. 
TAPE # 436 (November 1982)

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