Rav Avigdor Miller on When Wicked People Become Leaders



Why are the Zionists allowing more than a half million non-Jewish Russians to enter into Israel and contaminate the Jewish people?


You’ll have to write them a letter and ask them. That’s what I did.



What I mean is why is the Eibeshter allowing such a thing to happen?


Hakodosh Boruch Hu is doing this in order to let us know – to make it absolutely clear to us – that the Zionists are trying to destroy the Jewish people. You have to know, that when resha’im are in power, they bring ruin upon the world. And when Tzadikim are in power, then everything is in order. And therefore, it’s so important for us to learn that the resha’im are ruining the world. And they’re ruining the world in other ways too – many other ways. It’s not just this alone that they’re flooding Eretz Yisroel with goyim. They are doing terrible things in Eretz Yisroel. What the Knesses just did – I don’t want to say it in public because some things are not decent enough to say in public. But the things that they gave permission to do – the terrible things that they legalized – it’s a ruination. So for us, the lesson is simple. It’s important for us to know – to truly recognize – that the resha’im are mash’chisim. They’re destroying the world.

And therefore, when you say Shemonah Esrei, have kavanah when you say “vi’lamalshinim al sehi sikvah, v’chol ha’reshaim ki’rega yo’veidu.” When you say these words you should be thinking, “Hashem, please destroy the Meretz party.” Hakodosh Boruch Hu should destroy the Bagatz – the Supreme Court. Hakodosh Boruch Hu should destroy – I don’t want to say the names of these resha’im but there are certain famous resha’im whose model is the New York Times. They model all their behavior after the New York Times. Hashem should destroy all of them.
And say it with kavanah – with real feeling. And that’s about all you can do right now. Except for supporting the Yeshivas in Eretz Yisroel.

TAPE #E-214