How should we decide for whom to vote, especially if we cut ourselves off from the newspapers?


The truth is the newspapers are not going to tell you who to vote for. If they do tell you, they’re the wrong ones. You have to ask people who know. There are people who know. 

Someone asked me a question this week. “Should I vote for Marc Mishan because he’s Jewish?” The truth is I didn’t even know he was a Jew. I thought he was an Irishman. But this person told me he’s a Jew and he’s shomer shabbos. A Jew who is shomer Shabbos? Sure we should vote for him. What’s the question? Everybody vote for Marc Mishan. He didn’t pay me for that by the way. But not because he’s a shomer shabbos. It’s because he’s going to support our values.

Now I mention Mark Mishan for a reason. I have a reason for mentioning him. Although he’s a shomer Shabbos but it’s more than that. That’s not the important part – we vote for good goyim too, no question about it. But I say Marc Mishan because he is the kind of fellow who wouldn’t vote to give civil rights to what they call the gays. The gays is another name for reptiles. The filthy abomination, the mishkav zacharniks, the homosexualists, they’re the ones who deserve to be put to death. By the law of the Torah it’s one of the worst capital crimes. And there are some people who are running – I don’t want to say their names; it’s not my policy now – who are running for office who voted to give them recognition. Marc Mishan is not that kind. You understand? 

So if you don’t know, ask. There are people who do know. There are a lot of people who are knowledgeable in these things.

And by the way I want to bring up a shining hero. I never saw him before and never heard of him before but I say vote for him. I don’t even know if he’s a shomer Shabbos at all but he deserves our vote. Seymour Kravitz! He publicized his name, his picture, with the slogan, “Jail, Not Bail.” Jail not bail! That’s the man for us. Maybe he doesn’t even mean it but still if he’s bold enough to put up that slogan we’re all for him.

And so, if you don’t know, ask. People who know can tell you.

TAPE # 185 (October 1977)

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