Should we teach our children that Hashem loves all Jews or that He loves frum Jews?


You should always tell your children that Hashem loves frum Jews. Hashem loves those Jews who are loyal to Him. You should always be saying these words in your home. No question about it. Teach them that Hashem loves frum Jews. “Oheiv amo Yisroel.” “Es amchah Yisroel.” It is the frum Jews who are Hashem’s people. This is a very important lesson for your children – and for yourselves as well.

Hakodosh Boruch Hu loves the Jews who are loyal to him. And if you’re not loyal to Him then He doesn’t love you. And even if it’s not your fault because you’re a tinok she’nishba – still I always quote Rav Chaim Brisker that “nebach an apikoris is still an apikoris.”

And by the way, we love the Jews whom Hashem loves. We love the Jews who are loyal to Hashem. And the more of a tzadik a person is, the more you have to love him. Hashem is “oihev tzadikim”, so we are oihev tzadikim. And therefore it’s a great tragedy to see a Jew who is not frum. A great tragedy. And therefore, if you can help bring somebody back to Torah, then you’re saving his neshama and you’re doing him the biggest favor possible.

TAPE #E – 228

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