Why is Hashem in hiding?


Why is Hashem hiding from us?

The answer is that otherwise it wouldn’t pay to live.  If Hakodosh Boruch Hu would come out in the open and show His presence, then all the Italians would become loyal servants of Hashem. And all the Puerto Ricans too.  Everybody would become good and frum because if you can see Hashem, who is going to be such a lunatic and disobey?!

Suppose you have a policeman pointing a gun at you and the policeman says, “Hands up or I’ll shoot.”  Where would your hands be?  In your pocket?

And therefore if Hakodosh Boruch Hu would show Himself, will you deserve any credit? And it wouldn’t pay in this world; if you won’t earn anything with your bechirah, with your free will, what’s the use of living?  

In the next world when it’s all over and there’s no more free will, then Hakodosh Boruch Hu shows Himself in all His glory and צדיקים יושבים ועטרותיהם בראשיהם ונהנין מזיו השכינה.  The tzaddikim gaze at the splendor of the Shechina and that’s their happiness.  

But in this world, it would be the worst thing for us if Hakodosh Boruch Hu was seen openly.  Our job is to discover Him from the places where He’s hiding.

TAPE # 417

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