Can you explain to me why some synagogues do not observe the Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) observance for the Holocaust victims?


I certainly will be happy to explain it. If the gedolei Yisroel, the great Torah leaders, will come together and declare a certain day for a certain purpose then we are certainly, bli neder, going to do so. But if atheists get together and decree a day of observance, so the only way to treat that is to ignore it completely.  Any synagogue that makes a Yom Hashoah observance is a synagogue of fools. And there are no exceptions!  Any synagogue that is going to celebrate the Holocaust Memorial Day, a day that was founded by atheists, is a place of fools. Bareheaded men who don’t believe in Hakodosh Boruch Hu, people who eat tarfus; reform rabbis and leaders of the State of Israel who are atheists – I’m not talking about Begin, but others before him who started it – people who don’t believe in a Borei Olam, and they get together and they decree a certain holiday, either a festival or a day of mourning, there is no question that any Jew with any guts has to fight back and see to it that it’s not observed. When it comes to making laws for the Jewish people, we observe only the edict of the Torah leaders, not the edicts of Reform rabbis.

I’m going to quote to you what Balfour Brickner, a famous reform rabbi said a few weeks ago. Somebody asked him: If a reform rabbi becomes involved in Jews for J, should he be expelled from the rabbinate? So he said, “Where are we going to start? There are reform rabbis who are homosexuals, reform rabbis who are atheists and agnostics. So where are we going to start and where are we going to end?” What that means is that they would have to expel all the reform rabbis. 

So, if such low characters are proclaiming a day of mourning – and there are homosexual reform rabbis, no question about it. If Balfour Brickner says it publicly, then you can believe him. And it’s not just ten or fifteen of them! And therefore, if these perverts get together and declare a Yom Hashoah, so somebody is going to ask me: “Rabbi Miller, why don’t you observe it?”!
TAPE # 215 (April 1978)

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