Why do I have to thank Hashem for everything if He doesn’t have to put in any effort to give me these things? It’s so easy for Him, so what’s the big deal?


The answer is that we are not grateful to Hashem because He needs our gratitude. He doesn’t need our gratitude at all. We are grateful to Hashem for our own benefit.

You have to know that we are in this world for one thing only and that is to improve. We are here for shleimus. And one of the most important things – all the way on top of the list – is to learn to say, “Thank you Hashem.” You’re not doing Him a favor. He doesn’t need thanks from you. He doesn’t need anything from you. Hashem is giving you an extra gift – the opportunity to recognize Him, the opportunity to gain da’as Hashem, by saying thank you to Him. Da’as Hashem is shleimus. And you can most easily gain da’as Hashem by thanking Him all day long for everything. There is no end to the things that you have to thank Hashem for. And the world is purposefully set up that way by Hashem in order to give you the opportunity to recognize Him all the time – all the time – and become an ish shalem. So not only do you have to thank Hashem for creating you, but you have to thank Him for the opportunity to learn to say thank you.

Thank you Hashem for giving me eyes. Every morning you say pokei’ach ivrim. But you should be thanking Hashem for your eyes all day long. You’re using them all day long, so why don’t you thank Him? Thank you Hashem for giving me clothing. You have to think about Hashem and thank Him. That’s our job in life. Tov li’hodos. Thanking Hashem is a most important function of our lives. So don’t ask why we have to thank Hashem. We have to thank Hashem because it’s good for us to thank Hashem. Not for Him – for us.

TAPE #E-204

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