Should women take pains to look good in public because they are the daughters of Hakodosh Boruch Hu?


The answer is that women should be out of the public sight as much as possible. Now, this may sound queer to you; you’ll say it’s reactionary and old-fashioned but I’m telling you how very important it is. As much as possible women should be not noticeable in public. It just can’t be helped because that’s human nature and they are causing harm. And therefore, when they must go out they should be dressed b’tznius and not necessarily attractive.

You should be tzanua and respectable but you don’t have to be attractive. Attractive on the street is a great mistake – the word ‘attractive’ is the wrong word to use for women. They shouldn’t be attractive. They should be respectable and dignified; but they should mind their own business and not try to have such an appearance that will cause people to look at them. That’s very important. I cannot overemphasize that. 

However at home is a different story; in the house a woman should go out of her way to win the favor of her husband – and don’t say it’s superfluous. If necessary she should always have a sheitel on whenever he is at home. She should always look her best at home when her husband is there. And there’s no question that Hakodosh Boruch Hu will reward her for that.
TAPE # 879

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