Rav Avigdor Miller on Wrong Ideas and Eating Dead Cats

How does one fight against the tum’ah – the bad ideas and attitudes – that we are absorbing from the goyim?

I told you already, didn’t I? [The Rav had spoken about this issue a few minutes earlier in response to a different question] I told you already what to do. Make sure you live in a good neighborhood – make sure that you’re surrounded by the best people that you can – and fill your mind full with good ideas. Keep your mind full of only Torah ideas all the time and that’s how you fight it.

No, but even with that, how do we avoid absorbing goyishe ideas and ideals?
No. No! There’s no “even with that”. If your head is empty then you’ll keep asking that question. If you fill your mind with good ideas then you won’t even think about it at all. You’ll ridicule them. You’ll despise them.
Let’s say there’s a dead cat rotting away in the street. It’s been rotting for two weeks already in the summer heat. How do you keep your mind off the thought of eating it? Do you have a ta’avah to eat it?
If you keep on learning the right ideas and you keep them in your mind always, then all the tum’ah of the goyim is like that rotten dead cat. It’ll be disgusting to you. You’ll have no interest at all. Their religions are disgusting. Their religions are so stupid. Their ways are disgusting. Their ideals are filth. Everything about the goyim is disgusting. And you’ll also realize how pure and holy your nation is.
You won’t even have such a question in your mind. But if you don’t start doing it – if you don’t start training yourself to be constantly thinking Torah thoughts and about Torah ideals – then it’ll always be a question in your mind. You’ll always be wondering about how to avoid the ways of the outside world.
I’d like to talk to you more about this subject but my time is up. I have my own work to do – I’m working overtime here already. So bracha v’hatzlacha to everyone.
TAPE #E-222