Is there anything wrong with admiring the colorful lights that the our non-Jewish neighbors hang up during their holiday season? 


It’s very wrong to admire anything that is in any way connected to avodah zarah. Of course not! תזרם כמו דוה – “You should throw it away like something that is unclean” (Yeshai’ah 30:22). It’s disgusting. And even if you don’t think so, you must tell yourself that it’s disgusting. You must train yourself to think properly. The lights are disgusting. Chas v’shalom to admire the lights.

I don’t want to talk in public about what they’re celebrating but it’s one of the most shameful things in history. A child was born from a woman who said, “It’s not from my husband,” and that’s celebrated all over the world as the happiest event! Disgusting! He was born from a woman who said, “I admit, it’s not from my husband.” It’s the worst kind of birth that could be and they want to celebrate it with lights?!
TAPE # E-211 (December 1999)

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