Many groups have called for the internationalization of Yerushalayim. What is the Rav’s opinion about that?


Whether Yerushalayim should be internationalized or not, is a question of which I’m not able to speak.  It’s not so simple.  Therefore, I’m not able to give any opinion at all.  I’m a big am ha’aretz on many subjects including that one.

TAPE # 98 (December 1975)


What foreign policy should the Israeli government follow when it comes to issues like giving up land and even giving up parts of Yerushalayim? 


That’s a question that I’m not competent to answer. But one thing I can say is that it should be a policy of friendship with America. 

But friendship with America doesn’t mean friendship with the New York Times. The New York Times will want only one thing from Israel – otherwise they won’t be satisfied – when Israel gives up all of its territory, even Yerushalayim. When everything will be surrendered, only then will the New York Times be happy. And one of the big problems today is that for many Israelis, for many of the leaders in Medinas Yisroel, the New York Times is their Bible.

TAPE # 555 (June 1985)

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