When it comes to a Yissochor and Zevulun partnership, where one learns and one gives money to support him, does the one who’s putting all the work into the learning, does he get more reward than the one who gives the money?


Now, in the business of Yissochor and Zevulun, who gets more reward, I’m not going to undertake to tell you that. But which one you should choose to do, I’ll tell you that — it’s easy for me to tell you that. You be the one who learns.  That I can tell you.  Never choose to be the man who finances somebody else to learn. 

So although you can go out and make a lot of money and support yeshivos and you’ll get Olam Haba for it – you’ll get a big Olam Haba for that –  but if you choose to sit down yourself and learn in all your spare time besides for supporting your family – you have to support your family; I don’t believe in not supporting your family. But if you support your family and all your spare time you’re sitting and learning, that’s the real chochom.
TAPE # 846

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