Rav Avigdor Miller on Zionism, Judaism, and Golda Meir

Can you explain the relationship between Judaism and Zionism? 


Judaism and Zionism are not the same thing. These shakranim are trying to get us involved, so they’re trying to say that all the Arab states and all the other states are enemies of the Jews. That’s a lie! You’ll say, “But aren’t Arab gentiles enemies of the Jews?” It could be, but they’re no different than any other gentile. The fact that they are against the State of Israel is  political expediency that has nothing to do with us. And therefore, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be drawn into this maelstrom of political hatred as the Zionists would like us to. They want us all committed to their project so we should all be in the same boat, chas vesholomChas v’shalom! We’ll all sink together. Nothing doing! Nothing doing! We’re a separate entity! We’re Jews, not Israelis.

And the truth is, we’re more than separate. We stand completely opposed to them. They’re against the Torah! They’re atheists! Golda Meir is an atheist! A man gave me a magazine clipping this week. Golda Meir wrote a memoir. She wrote there that in 1917 she got married. So she said she didn’t  want to be married by a rabbi, because she was a Socialist, and so she refused to have a religious ceremony. She had a long, drawn out fight with her mother in Milwaukee. The mother said, “You’ll ruin me if you’ll get married in City Hall.” But Golda Meir insisted. She didn’t want. Finally, her mother said, “Look, just because of fifteen minutes under the chuppah that you don’t want to do, you are willing to ruin my name in Milwaukee?” So she consented. She was married by a rabbi. But Golda Meir didn’t want any part of it. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Torah. That’s a leader of ours?! Never! Never!

They’re our enemies, these people. They hate Judaism! It’s not that they are merely indifferent to the Torah. No, they hate it! You know that when Sadat came to America, so they served him a kosher meal for Mohammedans. Mohammedans can’t eat some things, and they served only a meal that a Mohammedan can eat. A glatt kosher Muslim meal. But when these people came, from the Knesses, they served shrimp! So you see that these people don’t represent us. So our connection with these people is the same connection as with Christians. And when the Torah says you’re a brother to your fellow Jew,  אחיך, “your brother”  means אחיך במצוות, a brother in mitzvos. Only the one who has the same commitment to mitzvos as you have is “your brother.”

TAPE # 9