What should be our attitude towards Zionism?


By this time, I think that our people here know the answer to that question. But to repeat: Zionism is a substitute for Judaism.  It would be the same if someone began a movement, Tefillinism or Sukkaism. Anybody who emphasizes one thing is already under suspicion that he does not belong to the Torah Jews. And that’s because the Torah is composed of taryag mitzvos and when one chooses a single mitzvah and makes a big fuss about it, then we suspect him of intending to do away with the rest.  

And that’s exactly what Zionism is.  It’s an attempt to substitute nationalism for everything else – for mitzvos, for Torah and even for G-d himself. And therefore the great Zionists were — (the tape ended here, וחבל על דאבדן)

TAPE # 40

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