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Rav Avigdor Miller on Complaints Against Your Spouse

Q: What should a wife do if she has some complaints against her husband?

Rav Avigdor Miller on Shana Rishona

Q: How much extra time is a newly married man supposed to spend in the company of his wife?

Rav Avigdor Miller on How Long to Remain in Kollel

Q:  How long should one remain in full-time learning?

Rav Avigdor Miller on Chochmas Nashim Bonsah Beisah

Q:  Should a husband spend extra money in order to make his house more beautiful if that will make his wife happier?

Rav Avigdor Miller on Fighting With Your Spouse

Q: When can one expect the first argument after getting married?

Rav Avigdor Miller on Wives Eating Roses

Q:   Is it true that Rabbi Miller once said that a wife should avoid going to the bathroom when her husband would come in immediately afterwards? If so, please explain.