Become a Yashar

“U’Sfilas Yesharim Retzono”, “The tefillah of the just is His will” (Mishlei 15:8). One may ask, what if I am not a Yashar? But the answer is, as the Mesilas Yesharim teaches us, that either a person’s pnimiyus can affect his chitzoniyus, or he can begin first with the chitzoniyus, and thereby be me’orer his pnimiyus. So if you have reached the lofty madreigah of the yashar, then your tefillah will be an expression of the emunah that is already inside of you. But if you have not yet reached that madreigah, then it will be your exterior act of Tefillah that will bestir your pnimiyus – and eventually, you too will become a Yashar.