Gaining Hashem’s Ratzon

“Usfilas yesharim retzono”, “the tefillah of the just is His will” (Mishlei 15:8) – simply, this means that through davening, one is able to gain the ratzon, the favor, of Hashem. In Mesilas Yesharim it is written, that while our prayers for the Ge’ulah won’t necessarily bring Moshiach, still it is a nachas ruach to Hashem that we are desiring and praying for it. And that is the true purpose of Tefillah; it’s about the asking, not the answering. If a person is 119 years, 364 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes old, it is not silly at all for him to pray for life; for it’s the praying that’s the purpose, not the result.